About the RMBOA Mini Amble

Who can participate?

Both members and potential members are welcome to attend Min-Ambles. For members it is an opportunity to meet fellow members in a river boating atmosphere. For non-members, it is an opportunity to meet RMBOA members and learn about the Association and its activities.

Where & When

Mini-Ambles are held about four times a year in non-Ramble years, river conditions permitting. The locations vary, but generally range from Goolwa to Morgan. Mini-Ambles are can be held in conjunction with Association meetings such as the Annual General Meeting (AGM) and the annual XMAS Party.


There are no fees associated with a Mini-Amble. They may include costs for meals or organised events.

Mini-Amble Facilities

The RMBOA provides general organisation for each function. Each attendee is responsible for their own travel plans and for individual facilities they may need for the weekend.