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We often get sent information that may be of use or interest to those who are associated in some way with the  River Murray so come back regularly to see what's new.

Can I moor against the bank on Crown Land?

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Heart Kids morning tea attended by the President and Vice President.

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New Life Jackets Regulations.

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More information is being sought on the new regulations to pass on to the members after the Christmas holidays. So keep an eye on the news section for updates in the new year.



Notice of advice from SA Water.

Lock 9 at Cullulleraine (Kulnine) has reopened.

Water allocation plan for the SA River Murray adopted

An amended Water Allocation Plan for the River Murray Prescribed Watercourse (the Plan) has now been adopted. The Plan sets out how water can be taken and used from the River Murray to make sure that water is managed sustainably for all water users.

The amendment of the Plan has been a combined effort, with significant input from community members. The South Australian Murray-Darling Basin NRM Board worked closely with the River Murray Advisory Committee and key stakeholders to consider the best way to manage the river in South Australia. A community consultation period also helped the board know what the community thought of the Plan, with comments received helping shape the final information included.


The changes to the Plan reflect what the board heard from the community – that water users need more transparency around allocations decisions, especially in dry times so that business decisions can be made, and that the Plan should incorporate learnings from the drought. How water is shared between different users is now included in the Plan.

The adoption of the Plan means some changes for water users – if you have a water management authorisation (for example a water licence, water resource works approval or site use approval), this will be reissued after 1 July 2018 to reflect some of the changes. Existing water rights and approvals will remain the same and the adoption of the Plan does not impact on the ability to use or trade water. Your existing approvals will be valid until new approvals are issued.

The Plan makes progress towards Basin Plan requirements, which South Australia needs to meet by June 2019. The board will be undertaking a further review of the plan to make sure it meets these requirements. The board will also revisit some other policies which are considered a stepping stone towards longer-term solutions.

To find out more about how the changes to the Plan affect you, and how to be involved in the next amendment of the Plan, please visit the Natural Resources SA Murray-Darling Basin website.


Stand Up for the Murray is working hard to remind everyone that we all need the river, and that we can all do our bit to help.

Stand Up for the Murray will be spreading the word at various events in Adelaide and along the river over the next few months. To stay up-to-date on where they'll be next, like River Murray SA on Facebook

Find out more about Stand Up for the Murray

Read a great story of a recent RIVER trip

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River Murray Flow Report

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