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Subject: Likejacket regulation change survey

Dear Boating Industry member, DPTI has committed to engaging the public and industry in a survey and discussions regarding the recently publicised proposal to change lifejacket wearing regulations for boaters on South Australian waters. Attached is a link to the online survey. Please feel free to participate online, and especially to include the link on your corporate website to facilitate participation by the maximum possible number of people. The survey is open from Monday August 28th until Friday September 8th.



Boating Safety Unit

Marine Operations Section
Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure
T 1300 183 046      E DPTI.recreationalboatingunit@sa.gov.au
Kateena Street Regency Park SA 5010    PO Box 5942 Regency Park SA 5942    DX 171    www.dpti.sa.gov.au

NB: Although it's not part of the survey question it is likely that all persons in a vessel up to 4.8 mt will be required to wear a life jacket when underway and possibly at rest, still to be decided by the Minister.    Ed.

See below a recent email to the RMBOA from the Department of Environment, Water and Natural Resources.

Please be advised that next Monday (14 August) DEWNR will be commencing weir pool level raisings at both Locks 2 and 5 by 50cm and 45cm respectively, above normal pool level.  The raising will be at an average rate of 2cm/day (slowly) but the raising will submerge some objects. People and boats will need to be more cautious near banks of the river.  There certainly won’t be the rise and fall observed in 2016.  Details have been provided in the DEWNR River Murray Flow Report since early June, along with media releases and radio interviews. Updates through the Flow Report will continue every Friday until the completion of the event (late October 2017), with further radio interviews and newspaper media releases planned throughout the event.

We have arranged a sign placed on the Paringa Bridge as per previous events, letting water users know of the increase to water levels in the Lock 5 pool.  Information will appear in local newspapers within the next week and I will be speaking to ABC Riverland Friday morning whilst I’m up in Renmark. 

I have attached a pdf copy of the letter to stakeholders and the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) documents. The FAQ document is also available on the DEWNR website (see links below).

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to get in touch. 

Simon Jacobs (Senior Operations Officer, Water Resource Operations) and Jarrod Eaton (Manager, Water Resource Operations) 8463 3592

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