About The Mini Amble

Who can participate.

Both members and potential members are welcome to attend Min-Ambles. For members it is an opportunity to meet fellow members in a river boating atmosphere. For non-members, it is an opportunity to meet RMBOA members and learn about the Association and its activities.

Where & When

Mini-Ambles are held about four times a year in non-Ramble years, river conditions permitting. The locations vary, but generally range from Goolwa to Morgan. Mini-Ambles are often held in conjunction with Association meetings such as the Annual General Meeting (AGM) and the annual XMAS Party.


There are no fees associated with a Mini-Amble.

Mini-Amble Facilities

Unlike the Ramble, the RMBOA does not provide any organisation for the function. Each attendee is responsible for their own travel plans and providing all facilities they may need for the weekend.