RMBOA Membership

Joining the River Murray Boat Owners Association

Join On-Line

If you wish to apply for membership of the RMBOA and agree with the objectives and code of practice below, you have the option of applying on-line and paying via EFT payment, cheque or money order, even in cash at an RMBOA event.

EFT account details are:

BSB: 105-022        Account number: 111284040                                                                        (VERY IMPORTANT: Please identify yourself in the transaction)

Download a Membership form

If you wish to pay by cheque or money order, please click to open/view/print the Membership Form.* in PDF format. Once you have completed the form, send to the address on the application form. There is an initial joining fee of $90 (includes name badges and a RMBOA club burgee for your vessel) plus a $40 per annum (to 30th June) subscription fee for personal/family memberships, making the first years fee a total of $120. Ongoing yearly subscripition currently set at $40 per annum. The family membership provides full membership for two members of a family associated with the same vessel. Corporate membership to the RMBOA is $100 per annum.

Please note: Almost all RMBOA communication including our magazine "The Rambler" is by e-mail only. If you don't hear from us for more than a week after joining, please check your "junk mail" folder.

Why Should I consider Joining the RMBOA?

We work toward protecting the River Murray and its environs.

The RMBOA communicate with members and boat owners by keeping them informed of relevant developments.

The RMBOA provides you with a link to governments and other relevant organisations for your benefit.

We arrange, manage and co-ordinate functions of recreation, education and conservation surrounding the river

Meet new people and catch up with old friends when you join us on our river rambles.

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RMBOA Code of Practice 

The RMBOA publishes this Code of Practice in order to encourage members who cruise the River and Lakes to enjoy their recreation in a manner that does not cause inconvenience to others or damage to the environment.

Observe the regulations for operating a motorboat and have a copy readily available.

Observe local council regulations and respect private property rights.

Train all crew in vigilant watch keeping. An accident can ruin your day. Use up to date charts

Check fuel, engine, steering and mandatory safety equipment regularly.

Ensure insurance cover is adequate, third party as a minimum is recommended.

Have a suitable first aid kit on board and consider basic first aid training for yourself or a crewmember.

Plan for medical emergency, fire on board and “man overboard” situations.

Tell a responsible person of your proposed cruise plan.

Note weather forecasts, particularly for winds, which may make lockage or berthing of your craft hazardous.

Ensure anchors, fuel containers, batteries and gas bottles are properly stowed.

Be aware of the possible adverse effect of your wash on other smaller vessels, canoes and swimmers. Observe the 30m rule!

Be economical with space when mooring your vessel. If alongside another vessel, do not adjust ropes without permission and use adequate fenders. If leaving your vessel for an extended period of time make sure you tell a responsible local.


Keep noise to a minimum, especially at night, from radios, generators etc.

We have a legal and moral responsibility to protect, not pollute, the natural environment. This environment is for the animals, birds, plants and other river users.

Know the locations of waste disposal stations. Check your on-board toilet or portable toilet functions adequately. Retain all waste on board especially bottles, cans and other plastics. This also applies to biodegradable refuse e.g. toilet paper, orange peel etc.

Do not discharge oily bilge or spill fuel into the river. Use environmentally friendly detergents and soaps etc.

Keep fires small, do not cut green wood, and try to avoid the use of hollow logs, as these can be homes for small animals. Bring your firewood with you and observe fire bans. Dowse fires before leaving.

Know how to identify protected native fish and crustaceans, bag and size limits. Dispose of unwanted fishing line thoughtfully. It can kill birds and animals.

Join the RMBOA

Click here to access our online membership application and read about our philosophy in more depth then send off a membership form. New members are very welcome!!

If you have any enquiries feel free to contact us by e-mail at treasurer@rmboa.org.au