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MANNUM WATERSMannum  Waters Logo

Mannum Waters is an exciting, exclusive holiday and retirement lifestyle housing development, permanent living houseboat marina berth and environmental wetlands adjoining Mannum on the River Murray. Modern new Riverside living close to Adelaide is now available.

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Boating Industry Association

Boating Industry AssociationThe Boating Industry Association [BIA] is the voice of recreational and light commercial marine industry, creating safe recreational boating as a positive and rewarding lifestyle for Australians.

The Boating Industry Association is the leading voice and authority to government departments, associated bodies and interest groups, representing the Boating and Marine Industry. The BIA is active in the legislative field and present or support key legislation favourable to the recreational boating industry and boat users, and express the concerns of Industry to Government

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Murray Darling Association

Murray Darling logo
The Murray Darling Association has been an active association representing a broad membership of local government municipalities, community groups, businesses, individuals and agencies in New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia, and Victoria with an interest in ensuring that the Murray Darling Basin continues as a viable and valuable asset for all Australians for many years.

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Wooden boat association.

Wooden Boat AssociationThe Wooden Boat Association of South Australia (WBASA) is a collective of very interesting people. But no where near as interesting as the boats they own, love and muck about in!

The WBASA was formed over 20 years ago. Having just compiled the history of those first 20 years has reinforced the fact that the original ideals of the Association are still very relevant today.

The Wooden boat association website is provided for the members of the Association and those people who "cruise" the web in search of information, photos and news related to the world of wooden boats.

Our members are men and woman from all walks of life, all ages and differing levels of experience. Our boats are big and small, they are sail, electric, power or people propelled and they range from the very new and pristine to the very old and "rustic" in appearance. Whatever their characteristics they are all built predominantly using that most magical of boat building materials, the one that is environmentally friendly and a renewable resource, wood. And apart from anything else, we just love to talk about them, compare them and have fun in them.

For more information visit the Wooden boat association website.