RMBOA radio communications

RMBOA Club Radio Channel

The RMBOA uses UHF CB Channel 24 as its primary club channel.

Please note that although the RMBOA has selected this channel, it is still a public radio channel and others are entitled to use this channel.

During the River Ramble and Mini-Ambles, Channel 24 is used as the fleet channel. This means that it is used to pass messages to the whole fleet.

To ensure that the channel is available when needed, fleet vessels wishing to have a personal conversation should make initial contact on Channel 24 and then change to a mutually agreed channel for their conversation. After the completion of the conversation, they will change back to Channel 24 to monitor announcements to the fleet.

Emergency channels

Various radio channels are set aside for emergency use. These channels depend on the frequency band that your vessel's radio uses. It is important to know the appropriate channel and, if possible, have it programmed into the radio for quick selection.

Radio Type

Emergency channel


27 Mhz CB

Channel 9


Main Channel: 5 Supplementary Channel: 40

Channel 5 is a repeater and duplex operation should be used. Channel 40 is the truckie  channel and usually has people listening.

27 Mhz marine

Call channel 88 Mhz
Talk channel 86 Mhz

Do not use SSB on channel 88. Call on 88Mhz and immediately switch to 86 Mhz once contact has been made..Note: 88 Mhz is a marine emergency call channel.


Calling channel  16 Mhz
Talk channel 67 Mhz

Call on channel 16 Immediately switch to 67 Mhz once contact has been made. Note: 16 Mhz is a marine emergency call channel.


Main: 2.182 MHz, 4.125 MHz, 6.125 MHz, 8.291 MHz Supplementary: 12.290MHz, 16.240 MHz

Handling "idiot" radio users.

Because the radio bands are open to almost anyone, there are sometimes idiots who get their kicks from interrupting your conversations with noises, music, or even obscenities.

 The more annoyed they perceive you are getting, the longer and more vigorously they will persist. The best thing is to totally ignore them and change to another channel if necessary.

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