RMBOA Committee

Official Correspondence

RMBOA Secretary
PO Box 3202
Melbourne Street Post Office
North Adelaide 5006
E-Mail  secretary@rmboa.org.au


Chris Franklin
Phone: 0499 953 993   e.  cfranklin@strategicsa.com.au

Vice President

John Arnold
Phone:0429 811 397   e.   john@fibrecomposites.com.au


David Long
Phone: 0428 848 454   e. secretary@rmboa.org.au 


Anna Veenstra
Phone: 0407 880 288   e. treasurer@rmboa.org.au

Rambler Editor

Sandy Walker
Phone:0413 559 467    e. sandywalker@optusnet.com.au

Web Master

John Arnold
Phone:0429 811 397   e.   john@fibrecomposites.com.au

Committee Members

Lynne Long

Chris Veenstra
Phone:0407 880 288

Greg Miller
Phone 0428 179 523

Linda Franklin
Phone:0418 828 635

Public Officer

Peter Allen C/- secretary@rmboa.org.au

Join the RMBOA

Click here to access our online membership application and read about our philosophy in more depth then send off a membership form. New members are very welcome!!

If you have any enquiries feel free to contact the Secretary:on secretary@rmboa.org.au

Join the RMBOA

Why Join

We work toward protecting the River Murray and its environs.

The RMBOA communicate with members and boat owners by keeping them informed of relevant developments.

The RMBOA provides you with a link to governments and other relevant organisations for your benefit.

We arrange, manage and co-ordinate functions of recreation, education and conservation surrounding the river

Meet new people and catch up with old friends when you join us on our river rambles.