Books and CDs


River Murray Charts

Charts, pictures and information can be printed from the CD-ROM for personal use.

Printed charts are same format as the book 'River Murray Charts'.

Native Vegetation of the Murray Region

This CD-ROM complements an additional reference book. The CD and book are a comprehensive guide to the identification, protection and restoration of native plant species and vegetation communities in the Murray Region.

The product is made in association with the Mid Murray Local Action Planning Association, Greening Australia, and Bushcare.


Sounds of the Riverland by Doug Holly

This CD has Identification of 94 River Murray bird calls.


Field Guide to Australian Birds

This book is the one of the most comprehensive bird field guide Australia has to offer.

It covers 850 species, has about 3,500 paintings and 800 maps.


Critter Catalogue

This pdf file (~3MB) provides information about invertebrates in SA inland waters.

These creatures range from spiders, snails, yabbies to fresh water mussels.


Viv Moon's Outdoor Cookbook

This book was written with the 4WD community in mind, but it is an excellent book that deals with cooking away from home base.

It provides many good recipes that can can be made from the basic ingredients that you may have with you.


The Sustainable Recreation Guide

This booklet provides good advice about reducing the impact of recreation on the River.

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